The Bøg Madsen Group

Bøg Madsen is an international trading company focused on sales and logistics on the professional market for potted plants and related products.

The Bøg Madsen Group is comprised of Bøg Madsen a/s, one foreign subsidiary and five associated companies. The Group employs about 230 people in Denmark and Holland, and the total turnover is about 800 million Danish Kroner.

Bøg Madsen specializes in individual concept solutions for the European retail market and rises to the challenge from the professional purchasers by a strong set-up, where our subsidiary and partners are operating individually as well as together concerning concepts for the European products.

Bøg Madsen makes use of the latest technology concerning sales of plants with the aim to ensure efficient working systems and optimum solution to supply our customers with the right prices, the right quality and the best logistic solutions.

Bøg Madsen has an extensive supplier network at disposal in all the European plant production areas either by purchasing through the subsidiary or through external partners. Supplementary Bøg Madsen has a purpose directed co-operation with growers, retailers and customers to accomplish to the best possible contentment at the end users.

With regard to the logistic solutions, Bøg Madsen calls on more than 100 trucks via logistic partners and thereby offer fixed weekly deliveries in most of the European countries.

Bøg Madsen a/s – Denmark

Bøg Madsen a/s is headquartered in Odense and is the largest private owned export company of potted plants in Denmark with a considerable share of the total Danish export.

The Company employs today about 150 people.

Bøg Madsen B.V. – Holland

Bøg Madsen B.V. with address in Aalsmeer close to the large auctions is a subsidiary in the Danish Bøg Madsen Group. A young and dynamic company based on plant export.

Bøg Madsen B.V. employs today about 70 people.